We Participated at 4th VERDETEC International Exhibition

For three days, from March 18th to 20th, 2022, the 4th International Exhibition VERDETEC-2022 took place at the Mediterranean Exhibition Center, Attica, Greece. As more as 13,000 visitors had the opportunity to see and be informed about ‘today’ and ‘tomorrow’ of the… READ MORE

We Deliver the New Bio-waste Collection Vehicles Fleet to the Prefecture of Attica

‘’Today we are making a new start in the way we treat solid waste in Attica’’. This was the strong message of the Prefect of Attica Mr. George Patoulis at the presentation of his new plan for a more eco-friendly solid waste management in Attica held in Zappeion Megaron… READ MORE

Interchangeable Refuse Collection Mechanism to Serve Paper Recycling

From November 2016, EDSNA (The Regional Association of Solid Waste Management Agencies of the Prefecture of Attica) implements a paper recycling program with the Sorting at the Source (SPS) system, in several municipalities. The program started with the aim to raise… READ MORE