We Deliver the New Bio-waste Collection Vehicles Fleet to the Prefecture of Attica

We Deliver the New Bio-waste Collection Vehicles Fleet to the Prefecture of Attica

‘’Today we are making a new start in the way we treat solid waste in Attica’’. This was the strong message of the Prefect of Attica Mr. George Patoulis at the presentation of his new plan for a more eco-friendly solid waste management in Attica held in Zappeion Megaron, on Thursday, January 30th, 2020. At the presence of the Minister of Environmental & Energy Issues and the Minister of Interior Affairs, Mr. Patoulis declared 2020 as ‘’Recycling Year for Attica’’, and presented to all authorities the actions and the timeline for the new plan.

At the framework of this event the new Attica’s refuse collection vehicles fleet for bio-waste collection was presented to the public. The fleet consists of 80 refuse collection vehicles of our construction, specialized for bio-waste collection. The vehicle is a rotating drum superstructure of 12m3 fitted on a MERCEDES-BENZ AROCS 1832 chassis. It is also fitted with a fully automatic binlift, an integrated washing system, automatic lubrication system, and a tracking system which allows the fleet monitoring from all aspects.

This vehicle was originally designed not only to be extremely efficient with bio-waste fraction, but also to cope with Attica’s special collection conditions. The rotating drum compactor has been world around proven as the most efficient system for bio-waste collection, since its load is homogenized during compaction resulting to a reduced time for incubation before compost treatment process. The automatic binlift reduces also the collection time, especially in areas where a large number of bins is generated, while washing system ensures hygiene in the whole process, considering the nature of the fraction.

The new vehicles are going to be distributed to all Attica’s municipalities dependent on the population of each, and will discharge their load to the Prefecture’s Mechanical and Biological Treatment Plant located in Attica’s main Landfill. Utilizing the vehicle’s tracking system, a central facility already operates within the Plant, to monitor, record, and analyze all data collected from the vehicles, trying to make the whole bio-waste collection program as evolutionary as possible, and also an integrated facility of our own construction for washing the vehicles, trying to keep them in excellent operational condition.