CRV 2000 Dual Pack®

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    The main talent of CRV 2000 Dual Pack® is its ability to collect two waste fractions on the same route. Its body consists of two totally independent compartments, each with a separate tailgate and operating system. Thanks to these features, it is a solution offering a high performance/cost ratio, because it covers the route of two refuse collection vehicles in one go, and therefore reduces the time and number of operatives required for refuse collection.



    Body capacity (m3) Total 18 (70/30)
    V1 Body length (mm) 4800
    V2 Overall length (mm) 7100
    V3 Width (mm) 2550
    V4 Height (mm) 2500
    Hopper capacity (m3) 1.3/0.6
    Oil tank capacity (L) 380
     CRV 2000 Dual Pack® SPECS


    Compaction rate Hydraulic pumps type Hydraulic pressure
    5:1 (nominal value) Double vane or LS piston pump 240bar (max)
    Compaction cycle Binlift cycle Electric system voltage
    22sec (nominal value) 12sec (nominal value) 24V


    Directional valves Electric system Cab control
    Proportional, electrohydraulic
    actuated (separate circuits)
    Logic controller with
    CANbus communication
    5.7’’ touchscreen monitor
    for operations monitoring,
    diagnostics and statistics,
    Ethernet accessible
    Binlift Compatible bins range Rear view camera
    KAOUSSIS IBL 800 EN 840-1/-2/-3 (80L-1300L) Connected to an in-cab
    mounted 7’’ monitor with
    audio connection
    Bin catcher Footboards  
    Spring loaded Modular, with anti-slip grid,
    connected to a safety circuit


    Foldable rave rail flaps Drainage trough Broom & Shovel socket

    A.KAOUSSIS S.A. reserves the right to change the specifications, design, materials, procedures and dimensions of the products described herein without any prior notice at any time in the future, in accordance with the company’s constant improvement policy.