HAS 46®

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HAS 46® offers a cost-effective option as a long distance transport solution, since it can load refuse directly from any satellite refuse vehicle, without the need of a facility layout. This means not only avoiding the cost of those facilities, but also flexibility in choosing a waste transferring location. Completely autonomous, with an integrated diesel engine, HAS 46® features the CRV 2000 Heavy Duty® optimized tailgate which means an oversized compaction mechanism, efficient with any kind of waste or recyclable materials.



Body capacity (m3) 46
V1 Overall length (mm) 12400
V2 Overall width (mm) 2540
V3 Height (mm) 3830
V4 Wheelbase (mm) 1310
V5 Front overhang (mm) 1550
V6 Rear overhang (mm) 1850
V7 King pin-1st axle (mm) 5360
Oil tank capacity (L) 400
Fuel tank capacity (L) 60
HAS46 specs


Compaction rate Engine volume Engine power
5:1 (nominal value) 3432cm3 46.1kW at 3000rpm/Torque: 196Nm
Compaction cycle Electric system voltage  
22sec (nominal value) 24V  


Engine type Hydraulic pump type Directional valves
Air-cooled 4 stroke diesel engine
with 4 cylinders and silence technology
Double gear pump Special designed manifold
with electro-magnetic actuated valves
Landing gear Tyres Braking system
Manual operated 315/80R 22.5 WABCO trailer electronic braking system
Suspensions Electric system Battery
Air suspensions system with 1st axle
Logic controller 100Ah


Foldable rave rail flaps Drainage trough Broom & Shovel socket

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