Hallingdal Renovasjon Purchases Six KAOUSSIS RCVs to Serve the District of Hallingdal

Hallingdal Renovasjon Purchases Six KAOUSSIS RCVs to Serve the District of Hallingdal

Hallingdal is a district located in Viken county, in north Norway. It consists of six municipalities: Flå, Nes, Gol, Hemsedal, Ål and Hol, hosting a population of almost 23,000 people. Hallingdal Renovasjon IKS was founded in 1980 as a regional company to collect and manage household waste, industrial waste and recyclable materials from the aforementioned municipalities, contributing to the development of Hallingdal as a ‘’Green Area’’. Therefore, Hallingdal Renovasjon runs facilities which generate and sell energy based on the incineration of waste and other renewable resources.

Household waste is collected from each property by a fleet of fifteen refuse collection vehicles and a personnel of almost 40 people. Each household is equipped by Hallingdal Renovasjon IKS with several types of containers to separately dispose refuse, recyclables, glass and toxic waste. RCVs collect household waste every two weeks and recyclables every four weeks, within a specific time schedule. There are also several villages in which household refuse is disposed by the residents into large underground containers installed in distinct areas outside the settlement, to avoid RCVs entering into the village’s road network.

Through our official dealer for Norway, Steco Miljo AS, Hallingdal Renovasjon IKS purchased in 2018 from KAOUSSIS a fleet of six refuse collection vehicles to upgrade its fleet efficiency. All six refuse collection mechanisms were fitted on MAN TGS 26-420 chassis. Three of them were CRV 2OOO Dual Pack® of 18m3 with a purpose to collect mixed waste and recyclable materials on the same route. Two others were CRV 2000 Heavy Duty® of 16m3 with a front-mounted ‘Biobox’, meaning a tipping chamber of 2m3 fitted with a side-mounted binlift to collect mixed waste and glass on the same route, and the last, a CRV 2000 Heavy Duty® of 18m3 fitted with a roof-mounted crane to collect underground containers. All refuse collection mechanisms were fitted with mobile weighing system, automatic lubrication system, and tracking system.

‘’KAOUSSIS has an excellent reputation for building refuse vehicles, so they fully understand the complexities associated with the collection of garbage and waste disposal’’ stated Mr. Eirik Lystrup, General Manager of Hallingdal Renovasjon IKS, after the delivery of the vehicles.