Ragn-Sells Introduces Norway’s First Electric RCV, Manufactured by KAOUSSIS

Ragn-Sells Introduces Norway’s First Electric RCV, Manufactured by KAOUSSIS

As an element in a long-term goal to be fossil-free in the future, Ragn-Sells Norway invested in its first electric-powered recycling vehicle during the spring. The vehicle, which operates in Oslo, has been named ‘’Highway to electricity’’.

–So far we have tested the vehicle on jobs in central Oslo and it functions excellently. The vehicle has just completed a mandatory period where only 50 per cent of the battery can be charged, so we have not yet been able to use it on a fixed route. But we starting with that now’, says Lars Gravdahl, logistics manager at Ragn-Sells Norway.

-Someone has to be first to take the plunge, and it may as well be us. It is an important signal that we, as a contributor to society, are setting about trying it out… There is broad political support for implementing this project. The next phase is for the big goods vehicle manufacturers to come up with electric vehicles, which will completely change our current profile as a service and support apparatus, says Bjǿrn Hoel, Ragn-Sells CEO.

There is also a great deal of interest from the customers, who want their waste in particular to be collected by an electric-powered recycling vehicle. One important requirement is that the vehicle functions for an entire shift without charging, and with 4.5h charging time it can manage about 200 kilometers –which ensures operation for the duration of a full shift.

An electric-powered vehicle has numerous benefits besides not emitting any exhaust fumes and thus sparing the environment; It is quieter, vibrates less and requires less maintenance than conventional vehicles.

Ragn-Sells purchased this vehicle from KAOUSSIS, through our dealer for Norway, Steco Miljo AS. It is a CRV 2000 Heavy Duty® of 18m3 refuse collection mechanism fitted on an EMOSS full electric truck. The refuse collection mechanism is also fitted with winch and locking-shaking mechanism for lifting industrial containers, mobile weighing and automatic lubrication system.